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Add, Remove & Manage Users

WatchGameFilm provides coaches, players and parents with secure online access to team video, photos or documents.  In order to access the team's media content, users must have a WatchGameFilm account and be added to the team as one of the following user roles (Player, Parent or Coach).  There is no limit to the number of users a team may add. 

User Authorization

The first user of a newly created team is the Owner.  Upon creation of a team, this person is added to the User list as a Coach and is designated the Team Owner.   The Owner cannot be removed from the User list by anyone else on the team.  You must contact to request Ownership Change if someone else is taking over the team.

Once the Team Owner receives an email from WatchGameFilm notifying them that their team is ready to use and providing them with their log-in info, the Owner is then able to add additional users to their team.  

Below is a table showing the Authorized Tasks based on User Role within a team.

CategoryAuthorized TaskParentPlayerCoach
FilmView *xxx
FilmDownload *xxx
FilmShare Video Clips *xxx
FilmManage Film and Clips

ExchangeTrade Film

HighlightsCreate Highlightsxxx
DocumentsAdd | Edit | Removexxx
PhotosAdd | Edit | Removexxx
UsersEdit My Profilexxx
UsersAdd | Edit | Remove **

ReportsView User Activity

SubscriptionMake Paymentxxx
* Coaches can also define Film Role (see Manage Film) so Parents and Players do not have access to specific team film
** Team Owner can only be removed from the team via a WatchGameFilm Support Request

Add New Users to is simple:

  1. To add a new user, select Manage Users from the WatchGameFilm Dashboard
  2. A standard user list will appear showing who is already part of your team
  3. To add another user, click on New User from the User window
  4. A popup window will appear requesting the basic user information
  5. Complete the form then click Add User to add this  user to your roster 
  6. The user list will refresh showing you that this user has been added to your team
  7. The newly added user will receive an email from WatchGameFilm with a password and instructions on how to log into WatchGameFilm

Important (Email Address): Correctly enter the user's valid Email Address.  Please make sure to correctly spell the email address as WatchGameFilm will automatically send them an email invitation with password telling them that they have been added to your team and requesting that they log on using the info provided in the email.

User Role: Select the proper security role for this user by reviewing the User Roles and Authorized Tasks table above.

Expiration Date: You may also define an expiration date from your team for this user.  This is beneficial if you want to give temporary access to a person or you want access to end on a certain date such as end of season.  When the expiration date arrives, the WGF system will automatically send an email to the Expired User letting them know that they have been removed from your team and suggesting to them to contact the Owner if they believe this was done by mistake.

Once you add them to your WatchGameFilm Team, an automatic email will be delivered to them that will include a randomly generated password that they can use to log into their account.  Since WatchGameFilm allows for an unlimited number of users on your team, we suggest that you add each person (Player, Parent and Coach) with their own account / email address.  This eliminates confusion of having multiple people work with film under the same account name and allows them to change their Profile Settings to their personal choice (notify me on my cell phone, change my name, etc.).

Modifying Existing Users

Coaches may change the User Role of an existing user as well as add or modify an Expiration Date for the user.  However, Coaches cannot change the email address of a user nor change the name of the user.  This is because these two pieces of information are specific to the user and owned by the user.  Also, it is important to note that the user may be part of multiple WGF teams and modifying this specific user data in one team will affect all the teams that they are a part of.

Change Email Address: If you need to change a user's email address, we suggest that you remove the user from your team under their old email address and then add the user as a New User back to your team using their new email address.  They will then receive an invitation once again with a new password allowing them to log onto your team with their new email address.

Resending Password / Invitation to Users

Sometimes the WatchGameFilm invitation ends up in the user's junk mail folder and they never get the invitation or they got it but forgot their password.  Coaches can resend the original user invitation to any user on the team.

To Resend an Invitation:

  1. To resend a user invitation, select Manage Users from the WatchGameFilm Dashboard
  2. Click on Resend from the User window
  3. A popup window will appear allowing you to select which user you want to resend a team invitation to
  4. Select the correct user and click the Resend button 
  5. The selected user will once again receive an email from WatchGameFilm with a password and instructions on how to log into WatchGameFilm

Important Note: If a user has forgotten their password, they can simply go to and enter their password and click on the Send Me My Password link and WatchGameFilm will send their password to their email address so that they are able to successfully log in.

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