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View Film provides a simple but robust video player that functions well on most devices and web browsers.  Our video player was built using HTML5 and open programming standards.  All film is encoded as MP4 so that it can be universally streamed to an ever increasing market of devices and browsers.

When viewing a film, you are presented with the player and menu options above the video player.  The look of the video player controls located at the bottom part of your player may be slightly different than what is shown in the image.  This is because we use the native html5 video player that the web browser and operating system use to play videos inside the browser.  The menu above the video player is created by and will have the same look on all devices.

The video clips of your film will automatically start playing once the web page is loaded.  When play is started on the player, most devices will cycle through the clips and play them in a continuous loop.

Menu Options

The controls at the bottom of the video (native to the web browser and operating system) allow you to start or stop the video player, seek a certain part of the film, adjust volume or enlarge the video to full screen.  We have provided a video player menu above the player to provide some additional functionality to help you accomplish your tasks.

Menu commands on the top left and right of the player are:

Menu commands from left to right are:

Please see Film Breakdown for additional details as well as learning how to manipulate the video Clip List in order to load specific clips for customized viewing.

Keyboard Shortcuts

There are some basic standard keyboard shortcuts in most web browsers for our the native HTML5 video player that uses.  These shortcuts allow you to control basic video navigation by using the keyboard.  You may need to first click on the area of the video player in order to bring it into focus before the keyboard shortcuts will work.  Note that keyboard shortcuts are not necessarily supported in all web browsers.

Keyboard ShortcutAction
Space barPause / Play the video
M or mMute / Unmute video volume
Up and Down arrow keysRaise and lower volume by 10%
Right and Left arrow keysMove forward or backward by 10 seconds

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